Conventional and Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

Botched Microblading? Want to start over?

We are proud to offer the best non-laser, all natural, carcinogen free, hyper-tonic saline removal solution, A+ Ocean. This solution is tattooed into the skin. This solution removes the tattoo naturally by drawing water out of the pigmented cells which then release the pigment into the epidermis level of the skin in the form of a scab. We also use numbing cream to make the process almost pain free.  

This removal technique is superior to laser tattoo removal for many reasons such as:
-It is less expensive and needs fewer treatments than laser. Saving you money and time.
-It can remove ALL colors compared to most lasers.
-MUCH less painful than laser as we use numbing cream for your comfort.
-The broken up pigment doesn't travel to the lymph system and liver to be flushed out of the body as with lasers.
-The risk of hypo or hyper pigmentation is greatly reduced compared to laser.
-There is no burning or blistering of the skin.
-No scarring
-Does not effect hair growth
-The skin can be tattooed over again compared to after laser treatments that can permanently change the structure and texture of the skin.


All Natural-Safe-Cost Effective

A complimentary consultation is REQUIRED before treatments can be scheduled. At this time, the cost per session and approximate number of treatments will be determined. Pricing starts at only $100/session.

Schedule your FREE consultation online today to be one step closer to a regret free you! 

Personal Touch Permanent Makeup is certified and trained to offer this treatment through A+ Ocean. You may visit their website for further information at