The eyes are windows to your soul and should be showcased. Eyeliner can give the illusion of thicker eyelashes, help with symmetry, and give the eyes a youthful pop.  


Permanent Eyeliner

What is Permanent Eyeliner

The cosmetics implantation technique deposits color pigment into the upper reticular layer of the skin and is considered permanent because it cannot be washed off. Unlike traditional tattoos performed on the body, permanent cosmetics professionals do not use traditional tattoo ink (dye). Permanent cosmetics pigment is more delicate and designed to work with the skin’s undertones. Every person’s skin is different in regarding pigment retention.

The Process 

At the start of the appointment, we will spend time going over what you would like to see your eyeliner look like every day. We offer a variety of colors and thickness. We encourage you to bring your makeup in with you to color match.After we talk to you about your wants we will numb the area. During the actual procedure, your technician will use a handheld machine made especially for permanent cosmetics to give you flawless liner. 

"I LOVE my permanent eyeliner. I was worried it was going

to hurt but it wasn't bad at all! 

Waking up with eyeliner on each morning is fantastic -

I rarely wear makeup anymore!"

Thanks again


Examples of our work 

#PhotoGrid before and after permanent eyeliner and eyebrows by Samantha_edited
Price:$350.00 for Upper Eyeliner
          $350.00 for Lower Eyeliner
Upper and Lower Eyeliner  together $600.00