Frequently Asked Questions

What does a procedure involve?

Your first step will be to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and the procedures which you are interested in. Consultation can be done at the time of the first visit or by phone if needed.

We will discuss the shape which would be most flattering for your face as well as the color which will harmonize with your skin’s undertones. We will show you some before and after photographs to give you an idea of how the procedure can transform and give youth to your facial features.

On the day of the procedure, we will spend time determining the shape before we begin and we adjusts as needed to give you the perfect shape for your face.

 2 visits are included in the price to give you the perfect result. During the second visit the color can be adjusted, made warmer or cooler if skin chemistry demands it. Our work is initially conservative, so if needed we will increase the width of the brow or eyeliner at the 2nd sessions. This can give a client time to adjust to the look of having their facial features refreshed with color.

What will my new permanent cosmetics look like?

Initially, the pigment in the brows will look dark  for several days. Once the skin begins to heal it will lighten and soften.

Eyeliner will initially look very dark even though you may select a light color. The color will start to lighten in several days. As your body goes through the healing process, for some clients tiny raised areas will form where the pigment was applied. This is what makes the pigment appear dark. As the layers of skin start to slough off, they cover the pigment so that it may appear that the color is faded or gone. After those layers completely slough off, the underlying pigment can be seen.


Will permanent cosmetics change or look bad as I age?

Permanent cosmetics will fade gradually over time, so there will not be an obvious change in your applications. The color will fade and when you return for a touch-up you can also change the color (within reason) as you age.

Can I keep my own brow hair?

Once we have decided on the best brow shape, any hair within that shape can stay and will only make the work look more natural. Any hair outside the shape can be waxed or tweezed just as you would normally do with your normal brow maintenance.

Are permanent cosmetics really permanent?

The cosmetics implantation technique deposits color pigment into the upper reticular layer of the skin and is considered permanent because it cannot be washed off. Unlike traditional tattoos performed on the body,
permanent cosmetics professionals do not use traditional tattoo ink (dye). Permanent cosmetics pigment is more delicate and designed to work with the skin’s undertones and to mimic hair. Every person’s skin is different in regarding pigment retention. Factors which effect longevity of permanent cosmetics are: color selected, age, thickness of skin, scarring of skin, use of skin care products, injectables, laser treatments, medication and sun exposure. You will need periodic refreshing of color, depending on how light the shade of implanted pigment, as well as factors mentioned above.

A general  eyebrow color retention guideline is:
Blondes and light taupes shades may need refreshed every 10 to 12 months
Mid-tone browns may need a yearly touch-up
Dark browns and blacks may need a touch-up every 12 to 24 months


What if I am planning to have plastic surgery?

Many women choose to have to have eyeliner done before face lifts so they will look better during the recovery period. If you are considering a brow lift, wait until after the healing process before having your brow procedure.

What if I am using Latisse? Can I still get an eyeliner procedure?

It is very important to stop using Latisse at least 2 weeks before having a permanent eyeliner procedure. Do not start to use Latisse until at least 5 days after you have completed your  procedure.

I had an unsatisfactory permanent cosmetics brow procedure done elsewhere, can it be fixed?
In most cases we can significantly improve your bad brow procedure, depending on how much time you want to invest. Correcting bad work is never going to give you the same beautiful brow as we could have created on virgin (untattooed) skin, but certainly an improvement is possible.

When someone calls and say they “only need a touch-up of work done elsewhere” the client may not realize that a “color correction” is often needed and not a simple touch-up. A consult is important to assess the situation.


Is the procedure painful?

We use the strongest topical anesthetics available, developed by Linda Dixon, M.D. The sensation to pain will vary between clients. Once the topical anesthetic takes effect, many clients report that they feel no discomfort during the brow procedures. Some clients report the eyeliner procedure tickles.

Is Permanent Cosmetics expensive?

Not if you look at long-term cost and effect. Micropigmentation actually costs little compared to lifelong daily make-up expenses. Permanent make- up doesn’t run or wash off! Consider it a beautiful investment in yourself.
The State of Wisconsin currently only requires a tattoo license to preform permanent makeup. That means no training in infection control, blood borne pathogen, or color theory training.
In our practice we see procedures from bad work done elsewhere. When you go bargain shopping for the lowest price, the work you receive may be reflective with unsatisfactory results. Your face is too important to chance having such serious work done by a technician who does not have the experience, training or artistic talent to achieve the best result.


Are there safety issues that I should be concerned with?

All procedures performed adhere to strict OSHA standards for safety and sterilization.

Can I Have Permanent Makeup if I'm pregnant or nursing?

This is not advised. We can not guarantee how your body will accept the 

ink so the outcome results may vary.