Areola Pigmentation

3D Nipple Areola Tattooing


This page shows some examples of reconstructive/cosmetic tattoos done on women that have had mastectomy surgery due to breast cancer. We have been doing this type of tattooing in doctors offices, surgery centers and at Wholistic Health since 2004. We are honored to work with local Plastic Surgeons  to offer this service to breast cancer survivors. This is a great opportunity to be able to do our tattooing on reconstructed breasts created by some of the best breast surgeons in the area.

The examples here are just a few of the many we have done. We look forward to this type of tattooing as it gives us great satisfaction helping these women get the most professional/effective finishing touch in their battle against breast cancer. 

These photos were taken immediately after tattooing, therefore they appear more red and darker than the final appearance will be. Some lightening will occur but this is taken into account of prior to mixing the pigment. The final result should last for many years, although sometimes a small touch-up may be needed.

Many times insurance covers this procedure.

Please call for more information or to schedule an appointment. 920-982-6064

Before and After Photos